Paris, France!!!

Today started out very rough! Attempting to travel the unknown in Paris is terrible. The first thing that happened today was the fact I got stuck in the door of the Metro(subway) when attempting to get off! It was so embarrassing and scary at the time. Now however, it is just funny. However, after getting on the tour bus made the trip worth it! I had the opportunity to see beautiful monuments. The Eiffel Tower, Norte Dame, and the lock bridge were the best parts of the entire trip. I’m so excited to share all if the beautiful photos I was able to take!!













Eating a banana and raspberry crepe! So good!!





So cold on the tour bus!




The lock bridge near Notre Dame was my favorite part of the trip. I was able to leave two locks on the bridge and throw the keys in the river. It was so beautiful and special to leave a piece behind in Paris!












Hey everyone I am too excited not to tell everyone! I am leaving for Paris, France tomorrow night!!!! I am packed and ready to go! We leave at 8:30 at night so we will be there at about 10pm! I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up! What is even better is our hotel is five minutes from the Eiffel Tower!! We will be able to see it from the hotel! Can’t wait to share the experience and pictures with everyone!

Thank you note

I just want to thank everyone for looking and reading my blog. I really appreciate all of the comments you have made. Getting to hear from people at home puts a dent in the homesickness I struggle with. Thank you so much for the support and love!

Normal school days

This week had been very different from the first week we arrived. The first week was not normal due to the holiday. I go to school usually from 9-5, except on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. On those three days I arrive at 8 to tutor high school students for the big English exam they need to pass. Every school day differs with schedules. The students, classrooms, and times are different every day of the week. We get an hour and 15 minutes for lunch during the school day. School is my absolute favorite part of this entire trip. I love getting to meet and spend time teaching these kids. They are so loving and passionate about everything. I am going to miss them so much! I also have an amazing teacher who is so kind and gentle. She is an inspiration to me and I am going to miss her as well.

My family

I forgot to tell all of you about the host family I am living with. There are 6 members of the family:
Mother- Victoria
Father- Jose
Daughter- Cristina 17 years old
Daughter- Victoria 12 years old
Daughter- Sophia 9 years old
Son- Jose 20 years old
The family is very active. The daughters all participate in classes of singing and dancing. Sophia plays hockey and tennis. The mothers plays tennis. The father plays tennis and football (soccer). Jose the son takes classes at the university so he is usually only home for dinner. The family stays up late every night watching tv after dinner. Dinner here in Spain usually takes place between 9 and 9:30. I was given a room to myself for the duration of my stay which is always really nice. The family is so kind and try to include me in every thing they do. I tutor two days a week with Victoria and Sophia for an hour each. The family lives in what they call a flat, but it is like an apartment back home. The mother stays at home while the father is a lawyer. So far they have been great about making me feel at home.

Sunday Out!

Today was so much fun even though it rained all day. Merche showed us a beautiful famous cathedral that is still being constructed and the coast. Everything was so beautiful. Then we visited Ramba another spot in Barcelona that had beautiful statues, caf├ęs, and people. We even took a picture with one of those guys that is painted like a statue and stands still until you throw money in his tip jar. It was so funny! I got to eat more gelato, which is always yummy. I eat the lemon flavor every time! When I got home this afternoon I got to play wii with the two youngest girls in my home Victoria and Sophia! It was a blast! Today was a great day!












School days

This week at school has been a blast! With the holiday the students and teachers have been in high spirits! All this week students have been in a competition. Using 4 colors the school was divided into 4 teams. I was on the blue team with my girls class. One day out of the week it is a certain color’s day. Thursday was blue day so we wore a blue shirt and jeans. All week students decorate the school and sing songs down the hall in order to get points. On Friday classes were canceled. Students got to play games, watch movies, and just have fun. I had a blast with my students all week. Students were allowed to tape and staple things on the walls of the school, run down the halls, beat drums through the school, and sing loudly in the halls. I loved every minute of it. The students here are so different, especially the girls. They have no personal space, which I like. These girls love to give hugs and kisses on the cheeks. They did this on my first day of school. I am going to miss all of these students when I am gone.