Thanksgiving and Birthday!

Yesterday was the day when everyone was celebrating the holiday with their families. Unfortunately I was unable to be with my family for the holiday and my birthday. However, this is a birthday and thanksgiving I will not forget!! Everyone at the school was so sweet wishing all of us happy thanksgiving. I have never received more hugs or kisses on the cheek in my life! The school also prepared us a thanksgiving dinner that included turkey and rice pudding! The food was very good but the company of the teachers was even better! Towards the end of the day I was asked by my teacher Ms. Cris to make some copies of a few papers. Upon my return I found Ms. Cris and Serge( boys teacher) standing in the hallway, with the lights off in the classroom. When I walked in Serge counted to three and both the boys and girls jumped up from behind their desks. With a cake lit with the candles of 22 the class sang happy birthday. I even cried as they sang because they are so sweet! I was able to get great pictures with the students and teachers! It was a birthday I won’t forget.
After leaving the school me and a friend went walking and to our favorite restaurant. There we had a great time eating and talking. Before we were about to leave a man walks up and asked if we were finished. We said yes but soon realized he was not a waiter but a customer at the restaurant! After that one of his friends came over to apologize which sparked conversation about where we were all from and why we were there. They were from London celebrating two 21st birthdays. After finding out it was my birthday they organized together by the bar. They then began to sing happy birthday and bought me a glass of champagne! It was so funny!
When me and Shelly returned to my house my family had set the dining room table and we had pizza for dinner! It was homemade and delicious! After pizza we had the best strawberry cheesecake I have ever tasted! You can’t buy cheesecake here, so my house mother had looked online for the recipe for a New York strawberry cheesecake! All because she found out that I like strawberry cheesecake! My house family was even so nice as to let Shelly stay the night!

It was a great birthday and thanksgiving! The only thing better would have been to have my family with me to celebrate! I miss them so much and can’t wait too see them in less then two weeks!!


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