My family

I forgot to tell all of you about the host family I am living with. There are 6 members of the family:
Mother- Victoria
Father- Jose
Daughter- Cristina 17 years old
Daughter- Victoria 12 years old
Daughter- Sophia 9 years old
Son- Jose 20 years old
The family is very active. The daughters all participate in classes of singing and dancing. Sophia plays hockey and tennis. The mothers plays tennis. The father plays tennis and football (soccer). Jose the son takes classes at the university so he is usually only home for dinner. The family stays up late every night watching tv after dinner. Dinner here in Spain usually takes place between 9 and 9:30. I was given a room to myself for the duration of my stay which is always really nice. The family is so kind and try to include me in every thing they do. I tutor two days a week with Victoria and Sophia for an hour each. The family lives in what they call a flat, but it is like an apartment back home. The mother stays at home while the father is a lawyer. So far they have been great about making me feel at home.


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