School days

This week at school has been a blast! With the holiday the students and teachers have been in high spirits! All this week students have been in a competition. Using 4 colors the school was divided into 4 teams. I was on the blue team with my girls class. One day out of the week it is a certain color’s day. Thursday was blue day so we wore a blue shirt and jeans. All week students decorate the school and sing songs down the hall in order to get points. On Friday classes were canceled. Students got to play games, watch movies, and just have fun. I had a blast with my students all week. Students were allowed to tape and staple things on the walls of the school, run down the halls, beat drums through the school, and sing loudly in the halls. I loved every minute of it. The students here are so different, especially the girls. They have no personal space, which I like. These girls love to give hugs and kisses on the cheeks. They did this on my first day of school. I am going to miss all of these students when I am gone.









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