Second day!

Today was the first day in the school. I had so much fun with my teacher, students, and the staff! They are amazing people who were so kind to allow us this experience. The first night here was awful for me just because of being homesick. Jet lag, the time change, and distance can be overwhelming at first. But after being in the school I am so excited to be here. The school is so different but I absolutely love it!! I am in the ages of 8 and 9 years old. This is the fourth grade. The students are trilingual in Catalan, Spanish, and English. These students are taught art, science, and English. The school is huge! They have a large area for physical education, fitness center, basketball court, indoor swimming pool, and a soccer field. I got lost several times today trying to find the classes. It is also interesting that the students are separated by gender. I have two classes of boys and one class of girls. The way classrooms and halls are managed are completely different. Due to culture these students are just loud and talk all the time. They are such sweet kids though and so smart. I was greeted today with signs of welcome, hugs, and kisses in each cheek. I can’t wait to return tomorrow! I believe my experience at the school will be the best part of this entire trip, even over the traveling.


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